Top 10 Reasons to See a Physiatrist

  1. Physiatrists are medical doctors. (MD).
  2. Physiatrists specialize in treating acute and chronic pain management issues.
  3. Physiatrists take a comprehensive (whole body) approach to treating a medical treat the whole person ─ not just a medical condition.
  4. Physiatrists utilize the latest treatments and modalities.
  5. No problem is ever too small or too big for a Physiatrist.
  6. Physiatry treatment is customized to meet the needs of each patient based upon their medical history and health situation.
  7. Physiatry often helps people avoid the risk, pain and recovery from a surgical procedure.
  8. The Physiatrist’s job is restore as much function and independence as possible—to put the pieces of people’s lives back together for optimal good health and wellness.
  9. The Physiatrist works in tandem with other healthcare professionals─primary care doctors, physician specialists, physical therapists, dieticians, alternative medicine clinicians and mental health professionals.
  10. A long-term relationship with a Physiatrist will enable the patient to be treated for any unanticipated pain condition by a medical specialist who can treat the issue by selecting from a wide range of treatment options, including medication, physical therapy or alternative efforts.