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Neck and Back Pain

Neck pain and back pain are a constant topic in most adults. In fact, approximately 80% of us experience these pains at one way or another and is one of the common reason for doctor visits.

Neck and back pain may be caused by irritation or compression of the spine’s bundles of nerves. When felt on the neck, it is called cervical radiculopathy. When it is in the lower back, it is called lumbar radiculopathy.

If you have been suffering from ongoing pains in your neck or back, whether from a disease, injury, or age, you must seek the help of a physiatrist.

See a Board-Certified Plainsboro Township New Jersey Physiatrist

So why visit a physiatrist?

A physiatrist is a physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. These professionals will; evaluate, treat, and help you manage the full spectrum of spinal disorders. They have received proper training in order to understand how the neurological system and muscoskeletal system work, and with this knowledge, they can help patients retain their body’s function after an injury or disease. Perhaps the most important aspect of our expertise is to help minimize the recurrence of neck and back pain so you won’t have to undergo surgery or bear with the discomfort over and over again.

Our patients mostly see only after their surgeons or family doctors have recommended surgery in the neck or back. Our primary goal is to treat the pain you’re feeling without having to resort to painful and invasive operations while making sure you won’t ever have to suffer again.

Among the non-operative rehabilitation therapies we can help you with include:

Holistic supplements

Chiropractic treatment

Physical therapy

Muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, pain medications


Various interventional injection methods

Ice, heat, and other pain modalities

Offer a home program that includes cardiovascular exercise, strengthening of your core muscles, and stretching

Offer education on proper posture, ergonomics, and a total modification of your lifestyle.

If you have been suffering from back pain or neck pain, set an appointment with Dr. Perry Herman to know the proper ways to minimize the pain you’ve been feeling safely and quickly.

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