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Welcome to the medical practice of Perry Herman, MD, a board certified Physiatrist located in Monroe Township, NJ

I’m pleased to introduce this forum to help people keep up-to-speed on the exploding spectrum of traditional medicine and alternative therapies that promote health, wellness and offer non-surgical pain treatment solutions for patients of all ages.

As a Physiatrist here in New Jersey for more than a decade, I’ve had the privilege of helping patients to overcome even the most severe cases of acute and chronic pain as a result of injury or disease.

Several patients have shared their personal medical challenges and how we successfully implemented a personalized treatment plan to overcome their neuropathic pain and dramatically improve their quality of life.

My blog serves as an interactive forum where I welcome your comments, feedback and questions; in turn, I’ll share my insight on issues related to health, wellness and living your healthiest life possible.

About Dr. Perry Herman, MD

As a Physiatrist my realm of medical expertise extends from traditional medicine to interventional techniques and newer alternative therapies that can help patients with neck, back, joint or tissue pain. The goal is to help patients achieve and maintain wellness and function without invasive surgeries or debilitating side-effects from prescription medications.

Sports Medicine

Dr Herman specializes in the non-surgical care of acute and chronic sports injuries for elite competitive athletes and people of all ages and athletic abilities who engage in any form of exercise.

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Sharon Koblentz

Plainsboro, NJ

I highly recommend Dr. Herman and his staff. Dealing with chronic pain since 1981 I’ve finally found a Dr that listens, spends time with me and explores different treatments to quell my pain. Although I’ll never be totally pain-free due to my injuries, I’ve found much relief under his care.