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Dr. Perry Herman is a physiatrist in Plainsboro, NJ who specializes in prolotherapy. His medical expertise embraces traditional medicine, interventional techniques and cutting-edge alternative therapies that promote health and treat degenerative disc disease, arthritis, whiplash, and neck, joint, back and tissue pain. The goal of Comprehensive Sports, Spine and Pain Management is to provide you with outstanding care that overcomes pain and maintains health and function without the use of invasive surgery or addictive prescription pain meds.

Prolotherapy: Alternative Therapy in Plainsboro, New Jersey

Dr. Perry Herman offers prolotherapy as an alternative solution for the repair of ligaments and joints. Prolotherapy treatment is unique because it is unlike platelet-rich plasma injections that require stem cells, and it is unlike steroid or cortisone injections. It is a regenerative injection therapy known as proliferation therapy.

Prolotherapy is an alternative treatment that regenerates cells to restore youth and life in injured joints or connective tissue. It has been proven beneficial for arthritis, degenerative disc disease, whiplash and other injuries in these areas:

1. Neck
2. Back
3. Shoulders
4. Hands
5. Knees
6. Hips
7. Pelvic floor

How does prolotherapy Work?

Prolotherapy treatment in Plainsboro, New Jersey, provides pain relief using watery injections containing natural ingredients like saline and dextrose with a numbing substance like lidocaine. A series of injections create a healing response within the body that begins to strengthen and repair damaged ligaments and stabilize the joint. Healing is activated, and the pain disappears as the joint is strengthened. Several shots are usually required in a weaker injured area.

Dr. Herman will determine the number of shots needed during your consultation, four to 15 injections per session are typical. Several sessions may also be required throughout three to six months. Dr. Herman will precisely place the injection to encourage the healing and repair of ligaments. The shots will trigger your body’s healing response, and you can expect reduced pain, improved movement, restored strength and greater mobility. The treatment itself is not painful, but it will not relieve prior pain immediately. Ongoing, scheduled therapies may be recommended for continued health and healing when addressing underlying conditions like arthritis.

How Much Does Prolotherapy Cost?

Prolotherapy is considered an affordable option and generally costs between 400 to 1000 dollars depending on the location and length of the recommended treatment. Dr. Herman will discuss the cost of your treatment during your private consultation.

Who is a Good Prolotherapy Candidate?

Prolotherapy is recommended as a safe therapy for most individuals. You may be a good fit for prolotherapy. Discuss any ongoing health issues or chronic diseases like Crohn’s disease or fatigue because underlying conditions may limit the benefits of this treatment. Discuss all health conditions with Dr. Herman during your consultation. Prolotherapy risks are significantly less than those related to surgery because there is no need for a hospital stay or general anesthesia. Dr. Herman specializes in providing alternatives to surgery and may recommend prolotherapy along with a combination of other treatments like physical therapy to achieve the best results.

Consultation in Plainsboro, New Jersey

Dr. Perry Herman, MD is a physiatrist in Plainsboro, New Jersey who specializes in comprehensive sports, spine and pain management. He is affiliated with the Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center and specializes in prolotherapy. Healing and improvement will be progressive, and your expectations along with a treatment plan are available at Comprehensive Sports, Spine and Pain Management in Plainsboro, New Jersey. Call (609) 655-1500 for a private consultation.

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