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Sports medicine is a subspecialty of medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of injury and other conditions in both amateur and professional athletes. This area of medicine focuses on helping people improve their performance in athletics, prevent future injuries, and recover from injury.


In this modern age, sports medicine is quickly becoming a fast-growing field of health care since health professionals are able to help not just athletes, but all kinds of people as well.


Professionals specializing in sports medicine such as Dr. Herman help athletes have better results from their exercise program and help those who have acquired injuries regain the control and function of their bodies. They can also help people with disabilities increase their capability and mobility.


A team of sports medicine professionals is made up of specialty doctors, physical therapists, coaches, athletic trainers, and other personnel. Often, a lot of people have a hard time defining sports medicine because it is not a sole specialty. It involves various professionals coming from a wide variety of disciplines.


However, their goal remains the same: to rehabilitate, cure, and prevent the body from degrading and regain its former strength.


Dr. Herman uses non-invasive procedures for chronic and acute sports injuries for professional athletes and people who often engage in rigorous forms of workouts and exercises. Our team of professionals uses a specific approach to the prevention and treatment, which begins with a comprehensive diagnosis of the injury. We have the latest technology and non-operative methods, as well as preventative training to help athletes get back to their sport of choice without acquiring further injury.


We are located in Plainsboro Township, NJ and we are open for all athletes, regardless if you’re an amateur or a pro. Among the treatments we offer include ligament testing, acupuncture, customized nutrition programs, supervised self-exercise regimens, orthotics, and other alternative therapies.


Many of our patients with sports injuries pay us a visit after being advised that they would need surgery and that it is the only solution. This may not be entirely true. Our non-operative methods will help athletes regain their health and strength so they can perform well again without the need for surgery.

Plainsboro Township New Jersey Physiatrist Dr. Perry Herman specializes in Sports Medicine and the treatment of sports injury

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