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Non-Operative Orthopedics

Orthopedic injuries often affect the nerves, tendons, and joints in the foot, elbow, ankles, shoulder, knees, and hips. Bone fractures, strains, and sprains are also considered orthopedic injuries. These types of injuries are caused by sports related or traumatic injuries, and degenerative diseases like arthritis.


Since these conditions affect the joints and bones, it may impair mobility and your quality of life. By using non-operative orthopedic treatments, Dr. Herman, Plainsboro Township New Jersey Physiatrist, will treat your pain and offer relief from your discomfort.


The cause for your pain may vary, but among the treatment options Dr. Herman can offer include:


Physical therapy and massage
Nutritional counseling
Injections and medications to alleviate pain and inflammation
Physical exercise and weight reduction methods
Mild transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation


Some conditions can be treated by physical therapy and exercises to increase the mobility and strengthen the tissues, ligaments, and muscles of the affected area. Conditions that may be assisted with physical therapy and exercise include lower back pain, shoulder instability, and arthritis. At times, a patient may be prescribed with physical therapy if he has recently undergone surgery.


Physical therapy may be all that you need and a physiatrist can provide you with a prescription. Simply schedule an appointment with Dr. Herman so he can create an exercise program suitable for your body in accordance with his diagnosis, your condition, and your physical capacity.


As a patient, it is crucial that you follow the prescribed exercises to ensure your healing and recovery. If you still continue to have problems, inform your physiatrist right away so he can make adjustments to your physical therapy or prescribe another treatment option.


Dr. Herman has been treating patients with various pains without the use of invasive procedures for almost two decades now in the state of New Jersey. To know what his patients have to say, read his Patients Case Studies.


Many conditions that a physiatrist cares for may be treated without using surgery. It is our goal that, whenever possible, our patients should first seek non-operative orthopedics first before considering surgical methods.

Non-Operative Orthopedic Procedures from a Board-Certified Pain Management Doctor and Physiatrist in Plainsboro Township New Jersey

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