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Dr. Perry Herman, MD is a physiatrist in Plainsboro, New Jersey. As a physiatrist, Dr. Herman specializes in providing collaborative answers for a variety of medical conditions that affect the brain, nerves, bones, spinal cord, tenants, muscle and ligaments. Dr. Herman focuses on helping patients overcome sickness and disease by using medicine with holistic therapy and broader options.

Cutting Edge Therapy using Exosomes

Exosomes are natural shuttles within our body that transport proteins and genetic information between close and distant cells. Exosomes have been looked upon negatively in the past because they can also transport harmful genetic details and elements to other areas in our body. But, advanced science is now recognizing the extreme benefits available through this natural transportation system between cells. It is now understood that exosomes are open and ready to deliver therapy to cells in hard-to-reach areas.

Comprehensive Sports, Spine and Pain Management offers cutting-edge therapies for patients seeking new levels of health and wellness. John Hopkins University medical professor explains exosomes as a universal fact of our biology, and Dr. Herman in Plainsboro New Jersey offers this therapeutic technology to patients. Exosomes can empower advances in health through the treatment of disease and can even be used as treatments.

Advanced Healing

Exosomes are vehicles that have been implicated in the spread of diseases, such as cancer and conditions like diabetes and obesity. While these powerful vehicles can be used to transport disease, their benefit is now being seen as tools for transporting wellness. Scientists especially see exosomes usefulness to carry molecules that will stop disease and encourage wellness. It has now become clear that this ancient messenger system is a tool for wellness. Dr. Perry and many other doctors are now recognizing the importance of exosome-based therapies. These are not cure-all answers, but this scientifically studied therapeutic option is producing wellness and treating diseases.

PRP and Exosomes for Hair Replacement

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair replacement can be utilized along with exosome therapy at Comprehensive Sports, Spine and Pain Management. Exosomes work together with PRP to transport healthy platelets found in plasma. Platelets are essential because they help in wound healing and contain growth factors to stimulate healing and tissue regrowth. PRP injections in areas of hair loss can encourage hair restoration. Combination treatment with exosomes and PRP can enhance the treatment of hair loss and provide additional health benefits.

Dr. Perry Herman, MD: Physiatrist in Plainsboro, New Jersey

Dr. Perry Herman, MD is a Physiatrist in Plainsboro, New Jersey at Comprehensive Sports, Spine and Pain Management. He is affiliated with Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center and specializes in exosome therapies and infusions. This treatment is beneficial alone and combined with some procedures, and exosome therapy may be an option for you. Contact Dr. Herman MD at (609) 655-1500.

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