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Dr. Herman MD in Plainsboro, NJ, treats each patient using a customized plan with traditional medical care and holistic therapies to overcome pain and heal sickness. Now, using genomics, Dr. Herman can adjust your treatment to match small variations in your genes called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Utilizing insight into the inner workings of your genes, Dr. Herman gains insight into how your genes are interacting with each other and the environment.

DNA and Genomic Testing Plainsboro, NJ

Genomic testing begins with the collection of DNA that is then analyzed in a certified CAP and CLIA lab. Each of your genes will be scientifically validated with modified outcomes. This data will be used to produce a personalized DNA blueprint. Your Comprehensive Sports, Spine and Pain Management specialists will utilize this information to create a specific plan of healthcare for you.

With gene testing, Dr. Herman will have inside information that reveals your internal interactions. While each treatment plan is based on your medical history and current health, DNA testing will allow your treatment plan to address the genetic origin of your illness or sickness. Genomic testing will give the team at Comprehensive Sports, Spine and Pain Management greater insight into the genetic origins behind the condition or pain for a customized perspective on your treatment plan, which may include treatments like:

1. Strategic dietary changes
2. Alternative therapies like meditation, exercise, visualization and acupuncture
3. Active physical therapy such as exercise and stretching
4. Passive physical therapy such as heat/ice
5. Topical treatments
6. Prescription medication
7. Massage therapy
8. Interventional medicine for the reduction of inflammation

Dr. Herman recognizes the importance of utilizing an insightful treatment plan rather than relying solely on prescription medication, which can result in an unwanted and concerning addiction to prescription pain medication.

DNA: Finding the Begining of the Disease

Medical history is an essential part of every holistic and therapeutic plan. DNA is a unique blueprint that is accessed using Genomics. The design of your DNA can help us to rewrite your story because it reveals a potential collision course that may be occurring between your diet, genes and lifestyle. We cannot change your DNA or your genes, but a DNA blueprint will empower Dr. Herman MD in Plainsboro New Jersey to create a personalized optimal health plan using your DNA roadmap. The power of genomics provides a life-changing tool to reverse sickness and transform your future.


Privacy utilizing your DNA is our highest priority at Comprehensive Sports, Spine and Pain Management. This information would be used solely for your help benefits and will be accessed by and belong only to you. Your valuable information is never shared with a third party, and all DNA samples are destroyed after being studied by the CLIA and CAP certified lab.

DNA Consultation in Plainsboro, New Jersey

Dr. Perry Herman, MD is a physiatrist in Plainsboro, New Jersey at Comprehensive Sports, Spine and Pain Management. Dr. Herman is affiliated with Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center. What works for you personally, doesn’t this early work for someone else. While this has puzzled many people as they search for answers for fibromyalgia and chronic disease, DNA explains why certain things work for one individual but can’t work for someone else.

Contact Dr. Herman MD in Plainsboro New Jersey at (609) 655-1500. Your consultation can open up new doors to improved health using a personalized treatment plan that matches your genetic pattern for improved health.

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