Princeton Institute for Wellness

Monroe Township, NJ


Age: 53


Medical Condition:  Chronic back and neck pain


Robin’s Story:

”My primary care doctor, Dr. Logothetis, recommended I see Dr. Herman for pain treatment after suffering with severe back and joint pain for 15 very long years,” Robin explains. Since 1999, Robin had seen several pain management specialists without success. She says she was also misdiagnosed and a few orthopedic surgeons even recommended back surgery.


After Dr. Herman’s careful examination and review of her medical history in 2012, he initially prescribed medication to offset the severity of her pain for the short-term while they implemented a more holistic approach to permanently overcoming the chronic nature of her discomfort.


“I was surprised when Dr. Herman put me on a gluten free diet but I would do anything at that point,” Robin says. “The lessening of my back and joint pain a month later was astounding.” Today, Robin says she is 75 percent more mobile than she has been in years. She can stroll outside again and enjoy the simple things in life like walking her dog. She had no idea that what she eats could have such a negative effect on her joints and result in full body inflammation (pain).


“Dr. Herman has given me hope that I can actually feel better and get my life back. He has changed the quality of my life which means the world to me and my family.”


(July 2014)